I have been designing and building wooden furniture for 25 years. Presently, I work in a wooden barn designed and built in Chester County, Pennsylvania specifically to house my shop.

Inspired by the infinite variety of color, figure and texture found in woods from around the world, I use these unique materials to craft fine furniture that celebrates the beauty of the wood and at the same time serves the function my clients require of the piece.

shop door
se browse the furniture galleries, find your favorites and let me know how I can help you to acquire a well-made, distinctive piece of fine wood furniture.

The designer gallery showcases some of the best in-home designs and creations.

In the liturgical gallery you will find some of my collaborations with master woodcarver Robert McGovern, which are furniture and fine art and many things in between.

I update my blog in order
to showcase my latest designs and projects. Every piece I create is made in collaboration with my clients. Let me know what I can create for you.

Shop Phone: 610 286 1047