Welcome to my new website


Welcome to my new website. The site is essentially a portfolio of the furniture I have made, but here in my blog I want to focus on the process, not the finished products. So it is appropriate that I have been working on a design for a chair--nothing very avant guarde, just my version of a continuous arm windsor chair. But there are some tricky parts. How do I get the right bends into the continuous back and arm rail? How do I figure the right angles for the eighteen different parts that make up the chair. And once I figure all that out, will the chair be pleasing to look at and comfortable to sit in? This first photo is of the chair mockup--not an actual chair, but parts shaped individually to figure out how the whole will go together.


The second photo shows how the individual laminations that make up the back and arm rail get glued together. Now that I have the general shape of the chair and the dimensions of the individual parts form the mockup, I can start to make parts.