Oct 2012


New-Windsor-webAfter several weeks of work, I completed a set of four chairs. The seat planks and chair base spindles are English Oak , the laminated backs and arms, and the back spindles are ash.



Here are the first two chairs finally assembled. Next week, I’ll complete the finishing for all four chairs.

New Chair Update

After several days fabricating enough parts to make a set of four chairs in the new design,
I am finally ready to start assembling

DSCN1062The first step is to put together the seat and leg parts. Each leg and stretcher is slotted so that a wedge can be driven into the assembled joint to keep the joint tight.DSCN1064

Then I can finally test assemble the back slats and arm rest and see the actual chair for the first time.


Next week I’ll put them all together and start the finishing!!